ECOFILM Raised Platform

The problem of heating is always delicate in places of worship. It is particularly difficult when they are classified as historic buildings. One solution is to install a raised heated platform. This removable structure does not affect the original floor covering, but can provide a modern, invisible infrared heating system which integrates into the historic environment.

The Ecofilm heating platform, consists of a raised insulated floor platform, an ultra-thin heating element and the choice of floor coverings. This allows sympathetic integration in the environment while ensuring the comfort of its users.

Using this low temperature, large surface area, floor heating technique, the Ecofilm heated platform produces a smooth and uniform heat in the occupied area. The Ecofilm raised heated platform is particularly effective in places of worship. Rather than warming the whole volume of air in the building, the heated floor warms the people and objects in the immediate vicinity, keeping running costs to a minimum.

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