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Jackoboard Tile Backer Board is the ideal choice for any bathroom design or similar application. Its versatility, strength, and ease of installation allows a multitude of possibilities, while it also delivers supreme thermal insulation.

Jackoboard Tile Backer Board is perfect for use as a sub-layer beneath Flexel ECOFLOOR electric underfloor heating. Its insulation properties ensure that heat is delivered into your room, and not lost through your floor.

Jackoboard Tile Backer Board is not just for floors, as it is also suitable for use on walls. It is strong enough to support stone cladding as well as regular tiles.

Benefits of Jackoboard Tile Backer Board

  • Easy to work with
  • Can be used on virtually any substrate
  • Can be tiled immediately, also suitable for plastering (must be primed)
  • Water repellent
  • Low weight: approx. 3 to 6 kg/m2
  • Tile loading weight of 100kg per m2 at 20mm thickness or greater – See BBA certificate
  • Insulation properites: λD=0,034 W/(m∙K)
  • High compressive strength: >300 kPa
  • Conforms with all building standards and regulations
  • Designed specifically for rooms exposed to high levels of moisture

Jackoboard Tile Backer Board – installation examples

Jackoboard Tile Backer Board – applications

Anything is possible when using Jackoboard Tile Backer Board to implement a new bathroom design, or refurbish an old one. Boards can be easily and safely installed for use with floors, walls, partition walls, shelves, washstands, walk-in showers, and baths. In each application, Jackoboard offers a durable and high quality solution.

Jackoboard Thermal Insulation Tile Backer Boards is available in more than 20 varieties, for different applications. Leading varieties include:

Jackoboard tile backer board applications

  • Jackoboard Plano: The all-round construction board to suit almost all applications. There is a choice of thicknesses, and an installer may cut them to any shape and dimension required. They can be used on virtually any substrate.
  • Jackoboard Flexo and Flexo Plus: Fexible Tile Backer Boards that are suitable for rounded edges and more intricate designs. They can be formed into any desired shape, thanks to their pre-slotted surface. Examples include the seats in the photo gallery above.
  • Jackoboard Wabo: The specialist Tile Backer Board for panelling bathtubs. With Jackoboard Wabo, you can easily assemble bath panelling in just a few steps.
  • Jackoboard Sabo: Ready-to-use classing for WC wall elements, if the area around your WC is to be tiled. Jackoboard Sabo comes complete with holes in the cladding board that are suitable for all standard toilets. Lightweight but sturdy, as with all Jackoboard Tile Backer Boards.
  • Jackoboard Aqua: Perfect for walk-in showers, of any shape or size. The range includes Jackoboard Aqua Original, Jackoboard Aqua Line Pro, Jackoboard Aqua Flat, and Jackboard Aqua Delta, to cover all possibilities. Your shower can look good and function perfectly too!

You can find full details of all varieties, and examples of applications, in the Jackoboard Tile Backer Boards for Bathroom Design brochure.

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