In recent years Ken and Caroline Hallewell had found their heating costs had been getting out of hand. They were determined to find a solution. They had researched the Ice-Stick and liked the results that they saw.
So, in May 2012 Redwing installed an Ice Stick onto their existing system.
Although it was only recently installed, Ken has been monitoring the system on a daily basis. He is delighted with the fact that he is heating his whole house and the apartment to an even comfortable temperature. He also maintains he is doing this at a fraction of the cost of his previous system.
The couple are now not fearing the winter ahead, knowing that they will have a toasty home without the crippling oil costs.


  • 350sqm home ,40 sqm apartment attached.
  • Combination of radiators and underfloor.
  • An IS 81 Ice-Stick was installed with existing oil as back up.
  • Home/apartment maintained at a comfortable 19 degrees.