The sun is a source of free energy which can be used to produce electricity as well as heat.The production of solar electricity  relies heavily on active solar technology. The most commonly encountered system for solar electricity production is solar PV. Electricity produced by Solar PV is of the same practical benefit to us as electricity purchased from our electricity suppliers, with the added advantage that it is renewable. While the electricity produced by Solar PV can be used anywhere, the technology itself is only suitable in certain conditions. When light energy is absorbed by a material known as a semiconductor, an electrical charge is created, this property of the material is known as the photoelectric effect. Silicon is the most common semiconductor used by Solar PV cell manufacturers.

Redwing Solar PV Partner

Redwing has recently partnered with SonnenPlus GmbH a leading European manufacturer and supplier of Solar PV Solutions.Founded in 1988 in Germany, the owner–operated German company posses several years of experience in planning, developing and construction of photovoltaic projects and has executed a number of projects SonnenPlus Solar PVin different sizes starting from small – Large roof-type and ground-mounted photovoltaic power plants (Solar Parks) ranging from lower-Kwp up to higher- Mwp. Sonnen specialize in contracting of EPC and O&M and will provide full support in every phase of your solar power plant projects. Together, Redwing and Sonnen can  support our clients for large-scale rooftop and ground-mounted projects in all important phases of their project starting from decision making phase, engineering and contract award, implementation phase, planning and installation and operation as well as maintenance.

Benefits of Partnering with SonnenPlus?

  • Exemplary German engineering
  • Technical and managerial competency and experience
  • Service Support of all project implementation stages of development, construction, operations and maintenance.
  • Simple, Cost Efficient and Reliable

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SonnenPlus provide complete PV-energy solutions for the European market to fulfil every need. Plan your energy solution with Redwing and SonnenPlus for your own electricity requirements and avoid rising electricity prices to develop tailored solar power solutions for any roof type, commercial and Industrial Project.


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