Heat Logs

Redwing are exclusive distributors of the most efficient and heat-producing heat logs available in Ireland.

Kavanagh Heat Logs are made in Germany from slow-growing hardwood timber, which is the reason why they burn so hot. They produce up to 10% more heat and burn up to 10% longer than other leading brands.

Kavanagh Heat Logs – details & benefits

The organic wood briquettes are made from clean, dry and untreated solid wood chips, with approx. 80% hardwood content.

Kavanagh Heat Logs

Raw materials include industrial wood, sawing wood, pallet wood, and other short and cross-cut wood.

The chips are compacted into convenient heat logs by high pressure alone. No binding agents are used. This makes the heat logs even more eco-friendly.

The high-pressure production process also ensures the heat logs are of even density throughout. This allows a long-lasting and uniform burn when they are being used.

Residual moisture in the completed briquettes is less than 10%. In contrast, freshly-cut wood has approx. 50% moisture, and even wood that has been stored for two years still has about 20%. The lower moisture content in the heat logs allows them to burn far better and produce more heat.

Our heat logs produce far less ash than other fuels, such as coal, peat briquettes, or traditional firewood. The remaining ash is less than 0.5% and can be reused as a garden fertiliser.

Kavanagh Heat Logs – technical data

Kavanagh Heat Logs technical data

  • Ash content 0.5%.
  • Very high calorific value of 5.5kWh.
  • Made from 80% untreated hardwood chips.
  • Manufactured under a pressure of 2500 bar.
  • CO2 Neutral
  • Less than 10% moisture.
  • Organic wood briquettes suitable for all types of stoves, open fires, chimeneas, and pizza ovens.

Direct comparison to traditional firewood: 1,000kg (1 tonne) of Kavanagh Heat Logs equates to approx. 4 cubic metres (approx. 2.5 tonnes) of stacked raw wood.*

* based on 2-year-old raw wood with 20% moisture

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We sell Kavanagh Heat Logs in bulk, by the pallet and half-pallet, and we deliver throughout the south-east. Simply contact us for up-to-date pricing and/or to place an order.

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