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Whether you are a homeowner or in business, we can help you greatly reduce your energy costs, while improving the comfort levels of your building through our unique offering of underfloor heating and sustainable building products.

Our wide range of products include our electric underfloor heating range from Flexel, the revolutionary Ice Stick Heat Pump that has all the benefits of a geothermal heat pump without the need for major ground works and can be easily installed in a new build or retro fitted via your existing radiator network. Redwing also offer a low cost energy efficient solution  for your hot water heating requirements. The Rocky Hot Water Heat Pump is a hot water heat pump that can save you as much as 75% against traditional methods such as Oil or Gas. There is also an option with this Heat Pump for cooling an area of your building as a by product at no extra cost. Other products include the LTP Floor Cleaning, Sealing and Maintenance range and the recent introduction of our Solar PV division, where we have partnered with one of Europe’s leading suppliers, offering the very latest in Photovoltaic solutions  for our customers. The Redwing team with over 40 years industry experience currently supplies electric underfloor heating mats, Jacko dry-lining insulation board and LTP floor cleaning products to over 200 retail stores across the island of Ireland.

Interested in reducing your home energy utility bills and carbon footprint by installing a renewable heating system?

It’s never been easier with Redwing’s range of  sustainable heating solutions. Air can be utilised as the source of heat – which is abundantly available all around us. Air to water heat pumps can reduce energy costs, especially when compared to oil or LPG heating systems. Our relatively mild winter temperatures in Ireland mean a properly installed air source heat pump can achieve superb levels of efficiency and high performance throughout the year.
LTP Products LTP produce and market a range of floor Cleaners, sealers and maintenance products to use on walls, floors and tiled surfaces, both internally and externally. Easy to understand, ideal for both retail and professional customers. Read more
Jacko Boards
Jackoboard tilebacker boards have excellent adhesion properties.
Thermal Insulation
Jacko Insulation boards are excellent thermal insulators, they enable you to optimise the performance of your electrical underfloor heating.
Water Resistant
Jacko Insulation boards are water resistant and enable you to construct stylish wet rooms with confidence. Read more


  • House with apartment attached in Inistioge, Co. Kilkenny

    In recent years Ken and Caroline Hallewell had found their heating costs had been getting out of hand. They were determined to find a...

    House with apartment attached in Inistioge, Co. Kilkenny
  • House on Thornback Rd, Kilkenny

    Denis and Stella Coughlan wanted to tackle their rising oil bills, and improve the comfort levels of their home. In 2010 they used €3500...

    House on Thornback Rd, Kilkenny
  • Home in Newcastle, Co.Wicklow

    Denis Doyle was about to install an oil burner in his new house when his architect recommended he has a look at the Ice-Stick....

    Home in Newcastle, Co.Wicklow
  • Home in Drummin,Delgany, Co.Wicklow

    Adrian Doyle decided on the Ice-Stick system following the success of his fathers installation. OptiHeat underfloor heating was installed on both floors covered by...

    Home in Drummin,Delgany, Co.Wicklow
  • Accountants Office, Enfield, Co. Meath

    Jim O’Connell, Managing Director of the Danu Group, is only too aware of overheads. Having spent over €6000 on oil in 2008 he was...

    Accountants Office, Enfield, Co. Meath
  • Home in Ashford,Co.Wicklow

    John & Theresa Lankester saw the Ice-Stick at a energy show in Dublin. John had looked at many technologies to maintain a comfortable, economic...

    Home in Ashford,Co.Wicklow
  • Esker Lodge Nursing Home, Cavan

    Esker Lodge is leading the standards in nursing home care in Ireland. They recently completed a 15000 sqft extension with underfloor heating. The consultant...

    Esker Lodge Nursing Home, Cavan
  • Kerry County Council, Tralee

    Kerry County Council chose the Octopus Ice-Stick and EuroSaver for the heating and hot water requirements in a new office building. FACTS: 283sqm Floor...

    Kerry County Council, Tralee
  • Private House, Ballyla, Co.Wexford

    This unique architect designed house installed both the Ice-Stick and the EuroSaver. Our products were chosen because of their simplicity, efficiency and design. FACTS:...

    Private House, Ballyla, Co.Wexford
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